The original tenets laid out in the original article hold true: what follows is simply 100 PS3 games to keep an eye out for over the coming twelve months spread over the next 10 pages. As you will quickly notice, numerous games are missing for various reasons, and though we toyed with the idea of publishing a supplementary series of addenda, it quickly became apparent that they themselves would run into a subsequent 100 more titles.

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Gaming Accessories

Xbox One

The accessories that you can get for the XBOX One are endless, some that are basic are available for most models such as the wireless controllers and other accessories that are more specific to game or the device such as media remotes, headsets and chat pads. Most of these accessories are available from popular high street gaming stores including Game.


In terms of gaming accessories there are basic options available similar to the XBOX One including wireless controllers and text pads. A more popular but larger accessory that is compatible with the PS4 are gaming chairs, these are chairs that help improve the simulation of a game through the use of movements, vibrations and sounds. Gaming chairs originally were very popular for car racing games but with more advanced features available these chairs are now very popular for a range of games.

Mobile Accessories

The app market is growing everyday providing consumers with endless games to choose from. Along with this growing market of mobile app games there is a growing market for themed mobile accessories. At one of Apple most latest keynotes it was revealed that Mario - Nintendo will be becoming available on the iPhone and other Apple devices. Mario has been around for many years and has been compatible with a number of devices, due to the popularity of the game there is a wide range of gaming merchandise available. To personalise your very own Mario themed iPhone cover, click here.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo have been around for years and arguably target a different market than the XBOX One & the PS4 but all the same very popular. There are a wide range of accessories available for the Nintendo Wii which makes the games more interactive including tennis rackets, fishing poles and the popular Wii Fit board.