The original tenets laid out in the original article hold true: what follows is simply 100 PS3 games to keep an eye out for over the coming twelve months spread over the next 10 pages. As you will quickly notice, numerous games are missing for various reasons, and though we toyed with the idea of publishing a supplementary series of addenda, it quickly became apparent that they themselves would run into a subsequent 100 more titles.

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Data Recovery


Data Recovery


We recover data. From all storage devices, from all vendors. You may be a student busy with a project, but the USB drive it is stored on has failed. Or your company has critical data on a NAS drive that has crashed, bringing production to a halt. Perhaps your data is on a SAN or Xsan network. Regardless of the medium, our engineers cater for all failures.

We are specialists; especially at recovery from complex arrays. Intricate systems with detailed configurations and multiple volumes, storage pools or shares. If your device has already been sent to another company who was unable to recover your data, please let us know, as we often manage to recover data that another company cannot.

We promise to charge you nothing if your data cannot be recovered. Our diagnosis service is free of charge. We won’t surprise you with any unexpected fees. We will update you regularly throughout the procedure.

Our engineers have some of the best skills in the industry. For many years we have been recognised as a leading, international provider of RAID recovery services. We enjoy success rates exceeding 90% for RAID recoveries.

We have been established for more than 20 years. In that time, we have consistently provided an excellent service, and we promise to keep doing so. Best of all we ensure efficiency by keeping you up and running. Want to learn more about boosting performance through IT management and cabling click here.