The original tenets laid out in the original article hold true: what follows is simply 100 PS3 games to keep an eye out for over the coming twelve months spread over the next 10 pages. As you will quickly notice, numerous games are missing for various reasons, and though we toyed with the idea of publishing a supplementary series of addenda, it quickly became apparent that they themselves would run into a subsequent 100 more titles.

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Game of the year for 2010 Announced

2016 has been an unusually bright year for gamers, with long-awaited sequels and new arrivals in hardware. Our shortlist was a ridiculously long list to begin with, since we originally wanted to commend Sony and Microsoft for introducing PlayStation Move and Kinect with the best of their line up. In truth much of the software is yet to reach its full potential

Osmos: Apple's Game of the Year for iPad! | Microscopics

The Lemmings

The miniature characters of this early hit walked towards a doom that only the speed of your mouse could avert. They were interchangeable, expendable and numberless, so turning these midget chunks of 8x8 pixels into characters was a major achievement for 1991. DMA Design pulled it off thanks to charmingly characterised animations for each special ability (digging, climbing, floating on giant umbrellas) and the judicious use of chipmunk-squeaky sound effects - "Oh no!" being the most commonly heard, thanks to the fiendish difficulty.

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Ten days, 100 games and many thousands of words later, the curtain finally fell on our Top 100 PS3 Games For 2010 series on the cusp of the new year, but that was over Christmas and some of you might have missed the feature. And hey, if you read it all but wanted the entire 100 all in one place and more easily accessible – this is for you too? We're here for you, you know?